We have a range of annual events throughout the dancing year, including Examinations, Medal Test Day and our annual Recital.


All students take part in examinations set by NZAMD who are based in Wellington.

Rosette and Medal Awards are for our younger students and are a fun, stimulating experience – but still has an examination structure.

• 3 extra lessons are required for ballet exams

• 4 extra lessons are required for Jazz exams

• There is an exam fee payable to NZAMD for exams


Grade 1 and above require VCM regulation uniform which is worn for at least 4 years and is able to be sold afterwards. We also assist with a big brand new and second-hand uniform fitting which is done at the studio during May. Regulation uniforms for ballet, jazz and hip-hop are ordered through the studio on this fitting night ONLY. VCM Hoodies can also be purchased.

Medal Test

All students get to take part in a full day with a professional and experienced judge. This is a fun-filled day where students dance in teams and as individuals.

It is an opportunity for friends and family to see and enjoy the development of the students. The students are rewarded with beautiful VCM gold medals in the very young grades, and adjudicated as they get older into winners and runner-up places. We also have very exclusive Championships for the Senior Students.

To dance on the stage is a very exciting and memorable experience for all students.


This is the most exciting part of the year where all students take part in a professional production.

VCM have performed a range of shows always including a full studio cast of exciting and memorable characters.

The studio has an extensive wardrobe which has been built over many years. Each year it is added to, laundered and stored for future shows.

Both teachers perform professionally and dance in the show along with senior dancers 15-35 years of age. Junior students are also a huge part of the productions.

  • There is a costume hireage fee for the productions.
  • Three extra rehearsals are required to join the entire studio together. This includes dress rehearsals on two Saturdays, and a rehearsal at the theatre.

The experience gained in these recitals is immeasurable.


Every year an annual Prizegiving is held.  Winners and Runner-Up students are selected from exam sessions and many Awards are chosen by the Academy teachers.

This is a very exciting and prestigious event held yearly in November.


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