VCM Academy offers dance classes in NZAMD Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop.  Classes range in ages from 3½ years to professional standard.

Senior ballet dance classes at VCM Academy students stand at barre with legs extended

Classical Ballet

New Zealand Association of Modern Dance syllabus is taught in Classical Ballet. 2 Rosette examinations begin the training for the very young.  Students are trained from 5 years through to Professional Solo Seal level.

Junior jazz dance classes at VCM Academy students pose together in modern dance studio

Modern Jazz

New Zealand Association of Modern Dance syllabus is taught in Jazz. 3 Rosette examinations begin the training for the very young (3 years and up).  We then combine both the Original and American syllabus through to Professional Solo Seal level.

Junior hip hop dance classes at VCM Academy

Hip Hop

New Zealand Association of Modern Dance syllabus is taught in Hip Hop.  Students work through 8 grades before working to obtain Solo Seal in this discipline.

Senior contemporary dance classes at VCM Academy


We offer the New Zealand Association of Modern Dance syllabus in Contemporary to our young  Senior students only.  They will be fully trained in Contemporary at Level 6.

New Beginners Classes

Dance classes are available in Ballet–Jazz Combo for ages 3½ years and up.  A beginner’s syllabus that combines Ballet and Jazz, giving the student the option to choose the correct discipline for them as they develop their love of dance.

New Beginners Hip Hop classes for ages 5 years and up. A beginner’s syllabus with less structure, enabling the student to enjoy the energetic and stimulating environment. 

20% discount available on first term*


VCM Academy beginner dance classess students sit together in cute sequinned uniforms


Studio uniforms are required for all exams.  We also have VCM t-shirts and hoodies available for purchase.


Studio Rules

To keep our beautiful studios running smoothly, we have some simple rules and guidelines for students and parents.




3.45pm Grade 3 Hip Hop

4.30pm Grade 3 American Jazz

5.15pm Grade 7 & Open Hip Hop

6.00pm Level 5 Contemporary

7:00pm Intermediate American Jazz

8:00pm Finish


3.45pm Grade 1 Hip Hop

4.30pm Senior Limbering

5.15pm  Intermediate Limbering (G3 & G5) 

6.00pm  Grade 5 American Jazz

7:00pm Advanced 2 American Jazz

8:00pm Finish


3.45pm  Rosette 2 Jazz

4.30pm Grade 2 Jazz

5.15pm  Grade 1 Ballet

6.00pm  Finish


3.45pm  Rosette 1 Jazz

4.30pm  Rosette 3 Jazz

5.15pm Finish


3.45pm  Grade 4 Ballet

4.30pm Junior Contemporary

5.15pm  Break

5.30pm  Senior Theatre

6.15pm Advanced Ballet

7.15pm Open Contemporary

8.15pm  Ex-Dancer Performance Class

9:15pm Finish


3.45pm Grade 4 Ballet

4.30pm  Pointe Class

5.15pm  Break

5.30pm Junior Theatre

6.15pm  Grade 5 Ballet

7:15pm Finish

Limbering is compulsory for Grade 2 and above, but younger students are very welcome to attend.

Open Hip Hop Class is open to senior students including Grade 5 Hip Hop.

Theatre Class is compulsory for Grade 3 Ballet and above.

Senior Open Contemporary is open to all senior students including Level 4 Contemporary.

Junior Open Contemporary is open to all junior students Grade 3 Jazz and above.


2024 Year Planner

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Classical Ballet

Grade 1 – Grade 5 Ballet   $135.00

Advanced Ballet   $140.00

Senior Pointe Class   $80.00
(Compulsory for Advanced Ballet)

Junior Ballet Theatre Class   $99.00
(Compulsory for Grade 4 – Grade 5 Ballet)

Senior Ballet Theatre Class   $99.00
(Compulsory for Advanced – Solo Seal Ballet)

Limbering Class
Compulsory for Grade 2 Jazz and upwards  $80.00   

Modern Jazz

Beginners Rosette Grade 1 Jazz   $125.00

Beginners Rosette Grade 2 & 3 Jazz   $130.00

Grade 2 – Pre-Elementary Jazz   $135.00

Intermediate American – Advanced 2 Jazz   $140.00

Hip Hop

Junior & Senior Hip Hop (Hip Hop Class only)   $130.00

Hip Hop & Jazz Combination (Hip Hop Grade & Jazz Grade)   $99.00


NZAMD Level 1 – Level 6 Contemporary (Contemporary class only)  $135.00

Contempory Combination (when also doing another syllabus)   $99.00


All term fees must be in an envelope with the student’s name and classes being attended printed clearly on the front.  Alternatively, fees can be paid online direct to our bank account:

VCM ACADEMY – ASB – 12-3071-0110235-03 with student’s name as reference.

Please ensure that attendance is good, as classes missed are not refundable. This includes Pointe Class, Junior & Senior Ballet Theatre Class, Limbering, Summer School and Winter School.

Fees for extra lessons, rehearsal days and Summer/Winter School are additional to term fees.

New Beginner’s Dance Classes – Fee Discount – first term only

20% discount redeemable on payment of your first term fees.  Fees payable following 2 week free trial.

Chase Leathard dances on stage in a matador costume swinging a red cape
Junior dance student in pink leotard on stage receiving a medal and certificate
Senior contemporary dance classes at VCM students together in costume

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